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Berries in Texas

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Can anybody suggest berries for the Dallas area (zone 7b/8a)? Has anyone tried Gooseberries, Blueberries or Currants? What Blackberries are the best producers? Hardiest Strawberries?
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Leslie: I recearched my computer files, but my computer crashed last year, and I didn't no how to retreive them. I bought some that were good producers froom Cooper Farms (peach orchard plantation) in Fairfield, Tx. zone 8, 100 miles south of Dallas on I-45. We just bought some from Lowes over in Tyler. I'm sure they might have some in the Dallas stores.
You can order blackberries from our site - - we are located about 3 hours east of Dallas and sell varieties well suited for the climate. We don't sell blueberry plants but do grow them and they are great. The key for both crops is to provide regular watering in the harsh summer months. Good luck!
I'm on my way to your site!
Leslie said:
I'm on my way to your site!
I'm right behind you, Leslie! BTW, rabbiteye blueberries are suggested for the Dallas area. I live in a suburb in an apartment for now, but I've been okayed to buy a house. I'm looking to spruce up my new home with berries too. Judi
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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