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gilts I bought...

I was having a real hard time nailing down any Berk gilts, so I took a chance on these.

Paris and Betty towards the end of April

They were the same age as another gilt I bought (Rosie) and the litter I raised myself and they looked like they could be those other little pigs' babies they were so small. I got them going on a good protein pellet feed, milk replacer, egg mixture.

From today...


Betty. Betty is hard to get good pics of...she really likes to play.

I think they look better. I made them eat grass this summer and maybe should of fed them more. Maybe they could look better right now. I do think I'll feed the young stuff a little better during the summer next year than I did this summer.

Rosie today also

Also...I am filling out the papers to get my litter on the ground now registered. Part of that is a sow production report if you want to do it. It asked for a 21 day weight of the young pigs..(combined litter weight) My runt was 11.2 pounds. My biggest female was 18. My number 7 gilt was 15.4. #6 gilt was 16.6. 2 more gilts at 13.6 and 14. 2 more boars at 14.5 and 15.4. I hope those are ok weights and something I can try to work on. I didn't feed the sow much towards the end of her gestation like maybe I should of....maybe they could of been born a hair bigger??...I don't really want troubles birthing though either??? Ooooops, just realized I weighed them on day 19.

Watching my litter now grow and deciding who to keep has me wondering on ones that might out produce themselves. I see that in my cows some. A couple of my cows I try and make sure they never get a pic taken of them, bring in a calf usually in the top 3 for size??? Who
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