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Be careful WHO you think is pulling your chain....

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Young friend of ours (college kid) and his friends (male and female) were sitting around at a weekend dinner, munching on a roast that one had brought in, when someone said "we should do this for Thanksgiving!". All applauded the idea and they were then each trying to outdo the others with what they would bring to the feast.

Each one was talking up his/her moms' greatest pies, mashed potatoes, salads, etc....but no one had offered to bring the Turkey. so...our friend piped up and offered to bring the turkey. The group started teasing him with "make sure it's FRESH!!"'s gonna be fresh alright. He's going to be doing the farm sitting for us while we're off on vacation nov 16-23rd. In exchange, he'll receive 1 prepared turkey and the use of 1 LIVE turkey. :D I'm pushing to loan him one of the big blueslate toms...nice displaying birds :) but Artificer thinks one of the smaller hens will be just fine...bummer.

i wonder if I can train one to walk on a leash in a week?
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OMG, that's priceless!! If he has a whole week to farmsit, I bet he could get a turkey leash-trained in that time... he'll just have to figure out HOW he wants to collar or harness it!!
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