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  1. nehimama

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    Jun 18, 2005
    Powhatan, AR
    A friend came by yesterday for some goat milk and frozen colostrum. They had a bum lamb that wasn't doing so well, and these items helped. Later in the year, they'll see that I get some lamb chops. I love it!

    When these same friends have a hog butchered, we trade pork for rabbit and venison. Really helps to provide a variety in the freezer.

    Having recently been diagnosed with Diabetes Type II, I've been clearing my pantry of the "evil" substances which I no longer consume. (White flour, white flour pastas, a ten-pound bag of potatoes, things with sugar, etc.) I got several boxes of groceries to a nearby family with three kids, and having hard times. They brought me a truck LOAD of firewood today. I love it!

    I'm sure there are some great bartering stories out there.

  2. Cashs Cowgirl

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    Jan 26, 2006
    I love bartering!

    We like deer meat...hubby doesn't hunt, so our neighbor tries to get us one each year. Our deal is I'll process theirs if he's able to get us one. Early in the hunting season a friend shared some deer meat with them, they didn't have time to process it, and so asked me to and gave me half!

    Today I bartered 3 pints of jam/jelly for 4 dressed rabbits! Yummy!

    I've bartered to have my garden plowed and rowed in exchange for putting up some greenbeans for a friend.

  3. Kris in MI

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    May 29, 2002
    I've been bartering for things for a long time, but I think the best one dh and I did was this summer. Neighbor had an 'older' car that had been her mother's. 1992 model, but low miles (just over 55k). Neighbor didn't need car, and had been trying for a couple of years to hire someone to do tree-trimming. Dh's vehicle has over 200k miles on it and is expected to 'die' anytime now (meaning something on it goes and truck wouldn't be worth the repair cost). Dh has a chainsaw and tree-trimming experience.

    Neighbor asked if I knew anyone who trimmed trees, I asked about price of old car, and a barter was born! Approx. 12 hours of tree-trimming later we have ourselves a 'new' car, plus we got to keep the wood!
  4. chicamarun

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    Dec 26, 2006
    We do it all the time :) It's a preferred payment method over here. We have a friend who likes to hunt - we don't really hunt. So he can hunt on our property - just being us some venison please!

    I do dinner for you and your family if you help my husband do something - LOL..... that works great as I usually never mind a "party" and my kids love it as "new people" are here (and they are always more exciting than mom and dad)

    Bring food - and I'll babysit for awhile.....

    Do fencing/yard work - you'll likely be sent home with some steaks or pork chops!

    Traded eggs for goat cheese recently (I hadn't had fresh goat cheese ever so it was super cool for me! and I had to open a bottle of wine just to celebrate)

    Local vineyard traded wine for chickens last year for their 4-H kids.

    Horseradish for eggs last season so I now have horseradish plants.

    The list goes on!!!!
  5. GrannyG

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    Mar 26, 2005
    near Abilene,TX
    There is an elderly man who lives outside our town, I send him fresh baked sourdough bread and eggs and he gives us oak wood (small chunks he can't sell ) in return.