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Keeping several types of birds I'm getting closer to finding
what feed concoctions work well. Apparently my barn raised
Pekin ducks filled out tasty and tender at 10 weeks 7 lb. dressed.
These grew on duck starter for 3 weeks followed by 18 per cent
layer mix. These were among the best ducklings I ever raised
for meat.
Another bunch of ducklings raised on starter and at 4 weeks
outside with access to clover and grass pasture supplemented
with mixed grain/grower ration. They do well.
I'm finding that now for maintenance in fall are fine with
60 rolled barley, 20 rolled oats, 20 rolled corn and some
addition of 18 per cent layer. As it gets colder I increase
corn. I also add whole wheat. This maintains them over winter.
I had excellent egg production starting early march with
very healthy hatched ducklings now in 4th generation.
As days lengthen in February I increase layer ration a bit
and add sprouted grains when possible and much early spring
Green feed like nettles and clover.

Chickens do better with less barley so I adjust with adding
whole wheat to the mix with 18 per cent layer about half and
half for winter maintenance with about 30 per cent rolled
corn when it's really cold.

My newer birds are pheasants and chukar partridge.
I'm going to go with turkey grower mixed with whole wheat
and cracked grain scratch mixed 1/3 each. So far they are
growing good with this.

Any recommendations or adjustments to these feeding
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