Bad Knees

Discussion in 'Alternative Health' started by Laura Zone 5, Mar 11, 2017.

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    I've been wondering how you're doing Laura? Hope you have found some relief for those knees. I've been dealing with bad knees for years. Done the cortisone and Euflexa for the last 18 months, which gets me some relief. Didn't realize just how bad the pain was until it was gone. I just got used to being in constant pain. But I know I'm looking at replacements sooner rather than later. I've been trying to put it off as long as possible, but I'm beginning to come around to the idea that I would rather be pain free now while I'm still young enough to get back to doing the things I love, even if it means that I'll have to have them replaced more than once. Problem is, I'm only 52 and I've heard that the pain is way worse when you have to replace a replacement. And since they only last 10-15 years with a very active person, I know I'll be replacing the replacements if I'm lucky enough to live that long.

    But I'm definitely coming around.
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    Better hurry up, then. If you wait too long, there can be too much damage done to repair fuly. In addition, as you age, doctors will decide that your age AND any existing health conditions are unfavorable for the surgery and refuse to do it. Then too, there's the current recipe for a health care melt down..... They may decide that repairing knees on a 50 year old is good, older than that, a waste of money.


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    BioKnee or something similar, maybe?
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    I'm in my late 60s & I have friends in their late 70s that have had replacement knees for 15-20 years & are still going strong The key is to get in shape before & staying in shape & after the surgery do what the PTs tell you. I went to the gym a month before surgery rode a bike & did weight training. Many get their knees replaced & can't deal with the short term pain after the surgery which is less than the daily pain I'm sure your dealing with now. At least that was my case. I'm hoping to get my other knee done in Nov of this year. Its was tough surgery mentally for me, but I was determined to get better asap. I had full range of movement within 3 weeks, The doctor & PT were just amazed. I can even get on my knees if I need to. I just have to be careful getting down.

    I interviewed Drs & hospitals before finding a retired Navy Orthopedic Surgeon at a hospital that I had been in before.

    To be honest I have to give the Lord all the credit for my recovery & finding the right Dr & hospital. All I did was do the footwork & wait on him. It took a year to get it done from when I started looking for the right dr.