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bad animal owners

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Please forgive my spelling, English is hard for me

This is a rant/ funny story

My husband and I are driving to work at around six, I see a group of dogs on the side of the road I am keeping a close eye on them in case they start to run out in front of us. My husband slows down for the same reason. There are 3 dogs a big lab looking dog a small jackrussle and a small black dog. The black dog has a bloody face the big dog is sniffing at the little black one and the little dog seems to be licking the black dog’s face. But on a second look No he is biting the other dog, who is not a dog but a piglet. I yell “pull over dogs are mauling that pig!”

My husband has no idea what I am talking about but has good reflexes. I am jumping out of the car before it has stopped all the way, and running at the dogs yelling “drop it” the pig runs to the other side of the road, now that he doesn't have a dog hanging off his face. The dogs run a little way off and I try to sneak to the other side of the street to grab the pig with out spooking it. The pig was to worn out to really run but walked fast to stay just out of my grasp. So I am sweet talking this pig with my arms out, the pig is giving me the side eye with blood running down its face. Then comes the dog. The big dog had ran off but the little jackrussle had comeback with out me seeing. So this little maybe 20lb dog runs between my legs to get at the 40 or 50lb pig. The pig starts running, well more like jogging, who knows how long the dog had been chasing the pig before I came along. The dog is trying to grab the pig’s back leg, I am kicking at the dog and chasing a bloody screaming pig in a muddy ditch.

The dog thinks of a new strategy, he goes around to the other side of the pig so he could go for the face, this makes the pig back up, getting it closer to me. So I jump on the pig getting hold of the back leg and underbelly then picking it up. I hear my husband calling for me he is standing in the drive way of the closest house. Apparently the owner of the dogs and pig has heard the screaming and come out to see what was happening. I am lugging this 50lb muddy, wriggling, screaming pig up a steep driveway, his blood is dripping down my shirt from a bunch of little bites and a snout with most of the skin pulled off.

When we got to the back yard I see the owner, a young women in a rose print bath rob and pink slippers. I am not in the best mood at this moment, so I try to thrust the wet bloody pig into her arms, my arms are hurting from holding the pig so long and getting her all covered in mud seemed rather funny to me, and well deserved for her dog’s behavior. But my husband dose not have as unkind a sense of humor as I do. So he said something along the lines of lets take it to the pen for her. I drag my out of breath self to the other side of the yard. The whole time I was trying to get the pig in with the other larger pigs, the women is petting the little dog and scolding the pig for getting out of the pen. After I get the pig in the pen she puts down the dog who takes off like a shot and starts wiggling under the gate trying to get at the pigs. She pulls the dog out from under the gate and cradles it like a child. Then tells me about how she just doesn't understand why the pigs keep getting out, and thanks for the help. I have to go back home and change as I am covered in blood and mud. That is the story of how I was an hour late for work.
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