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Backwoods Home Magazine Collection - more than 20 year collection!

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Backwoods Home Magazine (BHM) is a how-to homesteading magazine for anyone wishing to pursue a self-reliant lifestyle. These magazines contain articles on preparedness, gardening, livestock, food preservation, building, cooking/recipes, and firearms.

This collection contains 23 years of BWH magazines: three anthologies (which combines four years of magazine issues) and more than 100 separate magazine issues from 1998 to 2016. There are four missing issues.

The price for this collection is $100 $75.

I also have a similar collection of Countryside Magazines for sale.

This sale is for pick-up only unless you live close to northcentral Minnesota and we can meet halfway.

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This collection will easily provide someone new to homesteading/off-grid living $1,000's of extremely useful information. When I was learning I read every copy I could find from cover to cover.
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I'm Interested!
But I worry that the shipping to Connecticut would make it cost prohibitive
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