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    This is a method of finding the answer to a problem other than what seems appropiate. Example, here at the new place there is a need for a trash can near my desk, but there is not room due to traffic flow, inconvient location, ect.

    Put it under my desk will not work, it would get kicked often and be hard to find. Put it out in the open and it would be tripped over often.Put itaround the side of the desk, it would interfere with other items located there. Put it into the desk drawer works just right! I don't need the space all that much, its out of sight and out of mind, pure perfection! There when I need it, clostly available when its needed, not in the way, what more could I ask for?

    A ways back I was unloading a pickup truck from a trailer, once the rear wheels started down the ramps the trans cross member hit the edge of the trailer and the truck was hung up, would not leave the trailer. With the rear wheels onthe tapered rams, hung up, what to do? Rather than try to jack upthe truck to insert some kind of fillers, I instead put it back on to the trailer fully loaded. Then I inserted some tapered lumber under the front wheels, enought for the truck to lift itsself above the hangup point.

    This is to say do not approach all problems from the 'solutions' end, but rather approach the 'cause' end. Cure the cause is often easier to work with, than looking for further complications, this is a portion of 'connected thinking' that I tried to state when I first got here.
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    If this would be for paper, how about on the wall? That way you could wad up your paper and do the basket ball toss. And it could go high enough to be out of the way?