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Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by jakewade, Oct 20, 2005.

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    Oct 18, 2005
    posted this earlier, still looking for answers....

    hey folks,

    buddy of mine is building a 3 wheeler . home made frame, 350 chevey w/ 3 speed tranny and a modified chevy rear end. trying to figure out what to use for the front fork. looked up some boss hog trike specs and they are talking about a " 63mm inverted forks, adj. preload 2.5" travel" front end . i'm a builder and know squat about bikes but i do use the computer and i've been to quite a few sites through google and still find no concrete info on what to use and where to get it.

    my buddy bought a front fork with a rim and tire but they seemed alfully light weight so we took a set of scales and found that bike and rider equaled a front end load of about 650 lbs. and the forty psi tire looked alfully "fatigued" by the weight.

    anybody out there know what to do here and maybe a "source" for parts. i believe he told me that boss hog wanted like $ 7 k for the front end/fork assembly.

    thanks in advance for any help,

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    Even a heavy weight bike like a Harley or Goldwing's front end would seem inadequate for that weight constantly. I think you will end up machining your own one in that area, a 'springer' design is not that hard to make. Just purchase off the shelf bearings and creat it to fit standard items. Whereas a tube or 'glide' type would be a very costly endeavor. That much power is going to lead someone to do wheelies to show off, but remember it also comes back to the ground with quite a bit of force. Wheelies castors are also recommended.

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    Hi Jake... Here are my two suggestions.
    First is that you may want to visit the place where you'll find the most experience with trike building; The Brothers of the Third Wheel. Their forum page is at They would be happy to give advice.
    Secondly, I would suggest using a modified leading-link type front-end and the best part of that is that it's a pretty inexpensive do-it-yourself project!
    Leading links are the strongest and best handling front-end in a lot of people's opinion. I'll post links to 3 photos on my webspace to give you an idea. This is the strongest design. The shocks can come from the rear of a motorcycle. Just choose the shocks you need by the weight on the frontend. This is a pic of a British V8 trike that uses this type of front-end. This is also a leading link type front-end. It looks more like what you are used to but you can see that it would not be as strong. It's for light front trikes.
    Hope this helps!

    By the way... Have any pics of his Trike?