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babydoll southdown sheep

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Am tossing around getting 2 of these sheep or the Shetlands. They are both a small breed and the wool is good on both. Shetland wool is better, I think but I have heard that the southdowns are very friendly and tame. Any information will be appreciated.

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Honestly, I would go for the Shetlands or the...
Brecknock Hill Cheviots are nice little sheep. Hardy, very few lambing problems, if handled when young, are quite friendly. Nice fleece for handspinning,, having spun my share.

For Babydolls.. not saying they are a bad sheep, but they are not as hardy as some breeders say they are. They are labor intesive during lambing, and they do have more birthing problems than the above sheep breed. I also found quantary
to info written, they will and do eat ones Fruit Orchard trees,, even the mature ones. The Rams,, I did not find one to meet my requirements, all I bought, saw and had, ended up at the butchers for being aggressive and over sexed.
Their fleece while soft, is short and can be hard for the beginner to spin.
Their is a lot of miss information out there about this breed.

All I can recommend,, is talk to as many breeders as possible, get detailed with your requirements. IE,, are their Rams gentle at any age, will the stand by their word... etc.. etc....
Here is a good up and coming Registry for them.... There are good honest folks running it.
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I made a post for a similar question on the main board - Shetlands are a neat breed, I looked at Babydolls too, but liked Shetlands better.
.....Also, if you're looking for a *small* sheep breed, consider Shetlands. There's enough of them around that the prices aren't exhorbitant, they come in all kinds of colors (with lovely fleeces), & they are excellent mothers. Here is the breed site:
Here's a pic of a ewe with lambs:

One of a new lamb:

And one of a young ram:
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