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I just wormed all my sheep for the fall and broke them up in to breeding groups. I have 3 rams and each of them have their own little harem. My oldest son is disappointed with one of my rams. He said he just doesn't show much interest in the girls. Little does my son know that he is just being gentlemanly about his job. He acts aloof when anyone is around but I often catch him in one of his amourous moods 8O when I'm feeding that group in the morning. So around the middle of March I should start lambing. This year I had a 200% lamb crop, hoping for the same next year. A lot of people around here like to lamb earlier but I'm happy with my schedule. This way the lambs aren't too old when they get out on grass, and boy that's a sure fire way to put good growth on them.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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