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If you've read many of my posts you know DH & I are small farmers/homesteaders with 23 ac, livestock and a market garden. We also sell specialty products online and I build our websites.

I don't often mention that I also do website development for clients. Today though, I'd like for you to check out a non-profit website client - The Patriot Foundation. I mentioned "awesome website" in the title - because of the content they have given me to post publicly on the site, certainly not because of my own work.

Here's a link. Caution - this website is addictive!:

This group raises money for college scholarships for the children of 82nd Airborne & Special Operation's Soldiers who have died in Iraq/Afghanistan. Their fund raising includes corporate donors and a senior golf invitational held in the golf mecca of Pinehurst, NC each Fall.

It's really worth your time to see the content on this website! There are audio recordings and video clips of the 82nd Airborne Chorus, full disclosure of the source/use of funds, maps/information about the survivng children & families who benefit from their cause, etc.

The video clips of the 82nd Airborne Chorus and the Gold Star Mothers (wives of fallen soldiers) alone are very powerful.

It's a wonderful honor to me to work with this group. These guys remind me of why we all get to live the way we live - because of every soldiers' sacrifices. Hope you enjoy it.
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