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There are several varieties of Kiwi, and at least one of them is self fertile, That particular variety is also able to pollinate female plants of the other varieties.

A couple of summers ago I bought two females and a male of one variety, and for good measure one of the self-fertile types. As it happened all four plants thrived and I am looking forward to blooms this summer. We get hard freezes, here, so the varieties I have are those that make small, fuzzless kiwis. You supposedly eat them much like grapes though they are a bit larger. Fellow I bought mine from had them growing on arbors like grapes. Made a great retreat on a hot summer day.

They absolutely cannot stand drought. I was told to buy an automatic waterer and see that they never dried out. So far I have done the watering without an auto timer, but any time I get behind the plants show it.
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