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Expect the unexpected
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Greetings ....
A new month. Time is dancing on.

Already thinking winter preps here. Working on our wood supply which is
our only source of heat. Going to be bringing in a few loads with our
trailer this week to add to what is in the wood shed. Moved what was in
the back half to the front half of the shed to get it closer to the boiler.
Keeps it rotated this way.

Keeping the budget tight. Only spending what is needed.

Either getting ready for retirement or actually retired, it takes
being aware of the budget. What goes in, what goes out. A cushion
is always a nice thing to have. Getting older means asking for help
sometimes. No sense climbing on ladders if you can get your grown up
kid to help you. Or moving the wood pile.

Thinking of buying more online. Just have to study on it more.
I like doing it in person if I can.

Just trying to stay busy and focused. One day at a time :)

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This may be second nature to some here, but I decided to plant a bigger garden this year, seeds of several plants I was interested in were just gone by the time I got out to buy them. I had to buy several plants but would like to try and avoid that next year.

Saving seeds from this years garden plants is on my list of things to try. Cherry tomato seeds were soaked a few days ago and today put into a sieve to rinse then onto a coffee filter to dry out.
I'm going to save some from my various pepper plants too.

Expect the unexpected
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I got quite a few seeds here from years past. I figure if I keep them dry
and at room temp, they should be good for a long time. Germination
might go down, but not bad. I got a bunch of radish seeds. Have to
research if I can feed the leaves to my chickens or rabbits. We don't
eat many radishes. I saved pumpkin and squash seeds from last year.
Just did not write down on paper for the jar after I got them all dry.
This year I bought big pumpkin plants and planted pie seeds. Mine
went in late, end of June, but it went in. I got one pumpkin the size of
a basketball. My son is amazed. I keep telling him to water his more.....

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Making sun tea in my old gallon size pickle jar.
Line drying clothes - use white vinegar in rinse cycle for fabric softener (we have hard water).
Pack lunches everyday and rarely eat out.
Cook enough for leftovers for either another supper that wee or for lunches.
Drink either water or iced tea, no sodas or juices.
Cut coupons and watch for supermarket sales.
Mend and/or alter older clothing to make it last.
Only wash jeans after wearing for two times (if they don't get too dirty) to extend the life of the jeans.
Keep blinds and curtains closed in the afternoon and evenings to keep the house cool. We use lots of fans too.
DH does our oil changes and minor vehicle maintenance to save on repair costs.
I do my own manicures and pedicures to avoid the salons. (I don't color my hair's all natural gray! :) )
YouTube has lots of free movies.
We've recently rediscovered the fun of card and board games.
Using up materials I already have in the craft room for's always fun to find what I forgot I had too. ;)
Made some banana bread early one morning from some kinda-getting-too-old bananas.
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