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    Mar 14, 2005
    I have a 12 yr old cow. When this cow walks, her back feet walk in a straight line instead of seperated. When she eats, hay, feed, her back feet move constantly back and forth, sideways. When she is laying down i have to get her up to let the calf nurse and when she does she stays with her back end up and her front end down for about 5 min. then she gets up the rest of the way. I want to keep her till the calf is weaned, he is 2 months old. I am really worried she is gonna die on me, and i am afraid her days are numbered. If anyone has heard of this and has some help to ease her pain till i get wean the calf.
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    Aug 24, 2004
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    Sure she doesn't just need her hooves trimmed ?

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    Um, I don't think this is arthritis.

    Could be any number of things ... laminitis (founder), foot warts, foot rot, even something as simple as badly overgrown feet. These conditions are treatable. You need to have her checked out by a professional hoof trimmer.

    In the meantime, try some LA 200 (antibiotic which will clear up ailments of an infectious nature, like footrot). You can get it at TSC, co-op, ag supply, etc. It has to be injected under the skin ... I like to do 'em in the sides, where it's easy to pull up a pinch of skin to inject. You will probably need to tie her or put her in a headgate. Don't give her too much in one spot and rotate injection sites. Repeat every 3 days, could take a week or two before you see improvement. You won't be able to drink the milk because of residues, but it's OK to feed it to the calf. Good luck and please get her treated ... yes she is an older cow, but she could live a few years yet if her problems are addressed.