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    Nov 18, 2003
    On a scale of 1 to 10, one being disabled and 10 being vibrant, how would you
    rate yourself? Are you overweight? Obese? I live in a state that ranks number one in the pecentage of fat people, I guess it's the pork chops, cornbread and sweet taters thats doing it but more likely its tater chips and the couch. I rate my own health at 6 and 20 pounds over my desired weight with a little bit of a pot that I'm trying to shed. I've eliminated most sugar, starches and grains, trying to walk 2-3 miles a day and doing some hand barbell exercises and I've lost 5 pounds in the last week.
    What would be your advice to stay healthy? I'm not talking about staying out of the hospital but having vibrant health, getting up in the morning feeling like a young colt, bursting with energy, also clear headed thinking and postive attitude.
    I have been concerned with my health for a while now, looking back I can see where I made mistakes and with just a little basic information and lifestyle changes I could have saved myself a lot of trouble. I have learned that with a few basic changes, you can turn things around, things like internal cleansing, liver cleansing, alkalizing, minerals, essential fatty acids, gut flora and nutrients from dense superfoods not vitamin pills.
    I'm on a mission, to get health and stay healthy and a side benefit has been that I've been able to help some family members with health problems. It's a good feeling to see your 88 year old mother respond to some of the things you have suggested. I have found though that most people could care less, they think when the time comes the doc can give them a bright colored pill to fix them up, I've got news, they are betting on a crippled horse, prevention is the best insurance you can invest in.
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    Oct 22, 2005
    Forests of maine
    Wow, that is hard to really answer.

    On one hand; I have a list of 'disabilities'.

    On the other hand; I get around, I building a house, I am reasonably fit for anyone my age. And most of my medical 'problems' are things that were not even discovered 100 years ago. Today folks go onto drugs for weird things that a century before, they would have believed that they were totally healthy.

    I am 47 and I have all of my teeth. When my grand-parents and my parents were mid-30s they had each began losing their teeth. By the time my recent ancestors were 50, they each wore false teeth. I anticipate living my entire life with my real teeth.

    My grandparents all lived into their 90's and died as results from car wrecks. So I see no reason why I should not live at least as long.

    My cholesterol is too high to measure, when I am not on drugs. drugs are able to get it down to 250. Diet has had a tiny influence on my cholesterol numbers.

    My eyesight is beginning to fade. I need reading glasses.

    Carpal tunnel wrists that don't really bother me anymore, since I treat my wrists better now. PTSD that I am finally getting past. A duodenal ulcer that I use drugs for.

    Overweight? no.

    Advice? I dont know ask someone older than me.

  3. Spinner

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    Jul 19, 2003
    I really went downhill after a bad accident a few years ago. I was a 10 full of energy and very vibrant, the accident (actually 2 in a row) knocked me on my butt for a long time, today I'm back up to a 5, but will make it back to 10 within a couple of years.

    Yes, but not much. I need to loose about 20 lbs., but I WANT to loose about 40 lbs. Nope, I'm not overweight enough to be obese.

    This one is easy for me. Getting to sleep early. If I'm in bed early and up early I bounce out of bed feeling great, and I'm active all day. If I stay up late then the next day I have to force myself to get moving and do anything. If I feel bad from lack of sleep, then I won't eat right, I won't get any exercise, so my health will go downhill. Your body heals itself between the hours of 10 PM and 2 AM, but only if your asleep during that time.

    In addition:
    1. grow your own food. The stuff they put in processed foods nowadays is designed to make us fat and unhealthy, that's not even counting the eColi that's been contaminating the food sources lately.
    2. Stay away from doctors as much as possible. Each med they give you will have at least one or more side effects that can hurt you. Once they get you on the meds "merry-go-round", it's hard to break out of it. I use doctors to diagnose, but not for treatment.
    3. Find an exercise you like and do it. For me it's yoga, for my neighbor it's walking. Find something you enjoy, then do it as often as you can.
    4. Avoid stress. You've heard the old saying, "don't worry, be happy". It's one of the best things you can do for yourself. Find something to be happy about every day. Watch a funny movie, call up a friend and tell a joke, do SOMETHING to laugh about.

    Oops, forgot to add:
    Anger kills brain cells.
    Don't get mad at anyone for any reason. (your anger doesn't hurt them, it hurts you.)
    Stay calm and get even instead of getting mad. :p
  4. Jenn

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    Nov 9, 2004
    7? Have UC and lot of aches and fatigue but on no chronic meds but antihistamine;, able and strong just not trying too much any given day (to avoid stress).

    I'm slightly overweight- BMI 26 where 19-24 is optimal- have been 30 pounds less (as adult) though that was too low. Could lose 20 and be better off. Also eating a tin yoghurt daily good for UC but unwilling to SWAP that for other calories.

    I try to formally exercise a bit but am more motivated to do outdoor work to keep me flexible and out of pain. To lose weight all I gotta do I'd say is eat less but not willing to do so- maybe when I start a job/ finish hols/ etc- so a bit of aerobic exercise to counteract calories is probably a good idea.

    Have also had depression and think stress management and positive thinking- and sometimes medication- are crucial.
  5. donsgal

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    May 2, 2005
    SW Missouri near Branson (Cape Fair)
    I'm not sure that the level of being vibrant is necesarily a good indicator of health. A person can be very sedate and still be in excellent physical health. I am 51 and about 50 pounds overweight. I do not exercise per se (other than doing work around the house), I do not eat well at all and yet I seem to be in remarkable health. My blood pressure, cholesteral and all other indicators are normal or better than normal. I almost never get sick - haven't had a cold or flu in years. I am a very laid back individual and not at all what you would call vibrant (well except late at night when I've had a couple of beers, maybe), but a person could not ask for better health.

    So I would have to say my health is a 9.5. I think my biggest secret is staying as far away as possible from doctors. LOL

  6. Shadow

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    Jan 10, 2006
    Lets see last stress test I had I had a heart attack during it. That was four months ago, presently have 7 blockages in my heart they can not get to, diabetic controled with pills, physical last week required by getting medicare started turned 65 last July, protien in my urine tested again and yeah its still in there, but lets just wait, up the sugar pills, up the colestoral meds, No heavy lifting, don;t get hot, don't get cold, carpal tunnel bad in both wrist, but the numbness helps with the tennise elbow pain, Need a knee replacement in the right knee but we will wait as long as possible. Some one was bragging they still have all their teeth, I only have four but thank God they meet. Really only have four and they are all on the bottom They will be gone and not hurting in January,
    Now how am I doing, Building a building to hold the water filter system me and the wife put in. Looks like a outhouse but complete with a dormer windows in the door and on both sides connected to the studio with a side walk made with flat stones I hauled out of the creek this summer will be used as a yard tool shed.
    Next is a front porch on the front of the sunroom on the south side of the studio. Small only 10 by 8 Have already boughjt the material will start right after Christmas.
    Next a couple of small 12 x 10 wood sheds for fire wood.
    By then its gardening time. expect to have a huge one this year, we did not do much last year and need a complete restocking of the pantry.
    Yeah I could sit down and do everything the doctor says and would it make a difference maybe, maybe not, but even the doctor just grins, he has to tell me to take care but watching his eyes we understand each other. He has been my doctor and friend for years,
    What I am saying is sure my health sucks, And I will not make it to a hundred but heck I never thought would survive another hour back in 69 and it is not my dream nor has it ever been to live to a hundred laying in a bed knowing no one in a dirty diaper, its just not me.
    My wife says she is going to be really mad if I die out bushhogging on the tractor, unless I get the tractor shut down before I die, I better not tear up the tractor .
  7. ThreeJane

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    Nov 5, 2004
    North Idaho
    Other than this swallowing issue and having lost 65+ pounds in six months, I'm as healthy as a horse! :p

    I dirtbike, run after 3 kids in a 3 story house (with the laundry room in the basement :Bawling: ), keep up after hubby, handle critters, and generally move right along.

    One of these days I'll get fixed up with swallowing right and be able to scarf down cheeseburgers again! :hobbyhors
  8. Ravenlost

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    Jul 20, 2004
    Let's see...I am overweight, have Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Roasacea, Ocular Rosacea, Multiple Sclerosis, a hiatal hernia, Diverticulosis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

    Four years ago I had percancerous colon polyps removed, two years ago I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand (still have it in my right hand) and almost a year ago I had a plate put in my neck to fix a ruptured disk.

    I've had kidney stones, I've had my gallbladder removed, I've had a three inch tumor removed from my neck and I had a hysterectomy to remove a softball sized tumor on an ovary. ( 30s were rough.)

    I suppose I should rate myself at the bottom of the scale, but honestly I have trouble doing that. I try to eat healthy and take care of myself. The frustrating thing about having so many autoimmune disorders is that doctors don't know what causes them and they are incurable. However, I am NOT wheelchair bound yet and I get out and do what I want to do most days (granted, there are days when I am in so much pain I can't do anything).

    So, I don't know how to rate myself...I'd say a 6 or 7.
  9. Peacock

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    Apr 12, 2006
    SW Ohio
    I'd rate myself about an 8, I think. I'm about 20 lbs. overweight and have high blood pressure (it comes and goes), and most days not a lot of "get up and go", but there isn't much I can't do if I put my mind to it and I'm not on any medication except the occasional OTC ibuprofen, sinus meds, and zantac.

    I'm pre-disposed to type 2 diabetes (had it during pregnancies and am often sensitive to blood sugar fluctuations), sometimes get aches reminiscent of fibromyalgia and sciatic pain and other minor stuff that's common to moms as they head for the big 4-0. But I know how to keep all this stuff in check. It's simple: 8 hours of sleep a night and lots of water.

    The water is absolutely KEY to feeling good. For several months, about 2 years ago, I was just miserable with my body hurting all over, expecially my sciatic nerve and my hips. I still get a painful jolt every now and then, but that's nothing. I hadn't made the connection to the water until my midwife (who I was seeing for regular lady stuff, not pregnancy) mentioned a book she'd read about it. I made a point of drinking at least 32 oz. a day and that's made all the difference.

    It helps with the weight, too. I weigh myself every other day or so and there's a direct correlation to how much water I drink and what I weigh...or shall I say, an inverse correlation because more water = less poundage.
  10. suitcase_sally

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    Mar 20, 2006
    Michigan's Thumb
    WOW!! Would you be offended if I took out an insurance policy on you??? :shrug:
  11. veme

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    Dec 2, 2005
    Healthy & Happy here. I'm 53 and I'd rate myself at a 8.5. :)

    I'm way too fat & the only health issue I have is Mitral Valve Prolapse with mild regurgitation. I take no med's except Amoxicillian before going to the Dentist.

    My lipid profile is good. My blood pressure runs about 110/70, but lately I've noticed higher readings - 131/81 the last time I checked. I get stiff when I sit for too long and my left knee will ache right before the weather changes :baby04: .

    I walk every day (consider it cheap health insurance since I can't afford the other kind!), go to bed early& get up early, eat lots of veggies, never watch TV or listen to the Radio and stay away from the Dr. as much as possible.
    Don't hold grudges & talk to God every day. So far - so good
  12. the mama

    the mama loves all critters Supporter

    Mar 1, 2006
    Union Co ,Florida
    Ravenlost.....we could be twins!!! Need to add multiple food and enviroment allergies and recent ruputed achillies tendon. Sorry, Sally not insurable at this stage. I still manage to do what I have to. Take care of animals and family. But often done on my schedule not theirs. Not in a wheel chair yet!! Still no SS. Alive and kicking though, Thank God!!
  13. Cornhusker

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    Mar 20, 2003
    I was feeling pretty rough (-2) til I read someof these posts, now I'm feeling kinda 8-ish.
    All I have is a little heart thing and a little weight thing, a sore back and a bad tooth.
    Aside form that I feel spectacular. :dance:
  14. Aintlifegrand

    Aintlifegrand Well-Known Member

    Jun 3, 2005
    Even though I have lupus, I still would rate myself an 8 and that is because I need to lose a few pounds. However, I eat right, exercise and feel really good most days. I stay busy and try not to think about the joint pain associated with lupus. I have recently gotten off all medications, and changed my diet. i am feeling better than ever. Full check up recently from female, cardio, pulmonary, liver blood woork up scans etc...and everything was good. So I think an 8 is about right for me.
  15. patnewmex

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    Aug 11, 2006
    Sunny Northern New Mexico
    9.5 for me. Life is almost perfect. Almost. Just need to lose those last few stubborn few lbs. I eat an extremely healhty diet of mostly fresh produce and a little lean meat. Don't Smoke. Don't do caffiene either and was SO GLAD to be out from under that addiction a year ago this Jan. I look 15 years younger than I am and most folks don't know my age and think I'm still in my 30s. Truth is I'm almost 50. Have excellent cholesterol levels and superb blood pressure.

    Exercise, (including some strength training), daily meditation, have clear goals and boundries, communicate clearly with all those around you. Try meditation, both receptive and active as that helps clarify your goals and intentions to do well. Be honest with yourself and others. I find that health is mostly an excellent state of mind, or at least good health starts there.

    Best tip for feeling energized is EAT breakfast. make it healthy.

  16. lonelyfarmgirl

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    Feb 5, 2005
    Hoosier transplant to cheese country
    4 years ago I was a shining 10, then 2 really bad accidents knocked me cold. so now I guess 6 and rising. recovery is a pain. I am not in the least bit overweight, I dont smoke, or drink, or eat fast food. I am super selective about any store bought item I eat. buy organic, etc...
    my joints hurt (accident related)

    my health advice is as follows
    do not eat anything with hydrogenated anything in it. (bye bye crisco, see ya country crock)
    do not eat fast food.
    do not eat pork (67% saturated fat)
    buy organic
    sleep and exersize
    dont drink soda

    read the following books:
    1. the natural cures 'they' dont want you to know about by kevin trudeau
    2. the bible cure booklets and toxic relief by don colbert
    3. go to -- read their books

    all these can be found at a good-sized city library
    they will open your eyes to the truth about food

    4. if you havent, watch the movie 'Super Size Me'
    then go throw up (not for kids under 16)
  17. Ravenlost

    Ravenlost Well-Known Member Supporter

    Jul 20, 2004
    LOL...go ahead if you want to, but most of my health problems are not terminal and the ones that could be are under control. I consider myself fairly healthy!
  18. Txsteader

    Txsteader Well-Known Member

    Aug 22, 2005
    I'm 54 yo and would rate myself @ 9 on the health scale.....only because of age; just can't do what I could when I was 25, lol. The only meds I take is for thyroid...again I think due to age; rather common in women. Have perfect BP, perfect cholesterol levels. I've been extremely active all my life. Beginning to slow down abit these days, but still very active.

    My advice: eat a lean diet with LOTS of veggies, get plenty of sleep. Keep moving....walking is good, fast-paced is better. Keep a positive attitude about life (it helps to be naive about alot of things, and therefore blissfully ignorant, lol). Have lots of new goals to reach for, be eager to learn new things, take up new hobbies. DH is 61, I'm 54 and we just took up is full of new experiences and wonders to keep your mind young. Life is short, we've got to take every opportunity to suck the marrow from it if we want to die happy :)
  19. Paula

    Paula Well-Known Member

    Jun 3, 2002
    If I were you I'd desperately search for allergens in your life. Foods, animals, chemicals, dust mites, food preservatives, molds, mildews -SOMETHING is causing your body to attack itself. Do some reasearch on
    Dr Mercola is extremely knowledgable about auto-immune disorders and what can cause them. Yeah, he sells stuff on there, ignore that if you want and just read the information. There's tons of that on the website. The reg. docs just don't know much yet - except how to try and medicate you to death.
    Good luck, I know how frustrating it is to have problems nobody seems to be able to help with. You have to educate yourself and seek your own answers.
  20. mainer

    mainer Well-Known Member

    Aug 3, 2006
    Indiana,formerly Maine
    am almost 62 & would have to say I'm a 9. very healthy-eat right-no soda,little meat & lots of veggies. take bee pollen every day -also multi vitamin,fish oil & not eat perpared foods or fast foods. buy organic & cook for myself.
    haven't been to a doctor for 30+ years & am sure that's why I'm still healthy!