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Are you First Second or Third Generation Military

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Did You join to please another.. to escape Your personal situation... to try to cement a future for Yourself and prospective family.. To Honor Your Country.. For the retirement benefits ?

What motivated You.. do You now recommend joining the military ?

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My Dad completed 35 yrs. in the U.S. Navy. I signed up for 4 yrs. As his daughter, if that would make me second generation, then I am.
I joined because the jobs in my area didn't pay well and the military was offering better benefits. Plus I knew, if I was a veteran, I would be able to find a nice job in my future.
I discouraged my dd to join the Navy only because I think when it comes right down to it, it is a man's job. But that is just my opinion. She is now a senior in college and hasn't gone that route, but if she wants to be a nurse or a paper pusher in another branch, that's up to her. She is old enough now to make her own choices.

Stray Cat :)

thanks for the answer but You left Me wondering about Your comment... about " its a mans job " .. did you feel unwelcomed in the service then?

KindredCanuck said:
StrayCat..Your comment... about " its a mans job " .. did you feel unwelcomed in the service then?

Nope, not unwelcomed when it came to sailing with a bunch of lonely sailors.
I was in and left prior to the military realizing that there was a thing called sexual harssment. I wasn't one of the girls who transfered to shore due to having a bun in the oven either.

There wasn't much down time when we were underway. And when we did have liberty, I never found friends who could stay out of trouble and the bars too. Maybe it was just the ship I was with...don't know...

But I did take working along side with a bunch of young guys interesting. I tired easy when it came to the physical workload but yet had to keep up with those boys, otherwise the cring began about those who skated, and I didn't want to be involved with that...I kept my nose clean.

There was alot of competition where I was, didn't help living on board and everyone knowing your business either. I guess I was one who could take to over leave I left...

There is a place for women in the military. And I can say I'm proud to have serviced. I've been a military brat, a sailor, and later a military wife for 16 yrs. Now I live on a large farm with a bunch of cows who don't give me much trouble and I do what I want.

I just don't want my dd having to go thru what I did. Maybe my ds will join one day (9 yrs. old now) and that would just fine with me.
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I joined the Navy when I was 17, had the idea of being a cop, but you had to be 21 then. So I figured go in the Navy and do my service to my country. As far as I know I am the first to go in the military on my Dad's side and had a few uncle's on my mother's side but no-one close. My son is in the Navy now and I will admit I didn't discourage him any. Join the Navy see the World, 3/4 of the world is water and I saw alot of it. I've been to places that I wouldn't normally gone to, seen things, done things and I have to say it was a great learning experience.
Our families have long military histories and except for the post-civil war generation that skipped military service, we would trace back to the civil war. (Haven't found any colonialists yet in military service -- they were mostly Quakers and all pacifists).

Our son is USAF, my husband was USAF, his father Army Air Corp (WWII), his grandfather US Army (WWI). My side is father USN, grandfather USArmy, skip a generation then we hit the War Between the States and we have family on both sides, some who lived through the battles and others who did not.
Forgot to credit ... my father served in the Korean War and his father (my grandfather) also served in WWI.
What generation am I??? My My great great grandfather was in the civil war, my great grandfather was in the spanish american war, my grand father was in WWI my father was in WWII I was in Viet Nam and my son was in Desert Storm and Iraq Freedom. All my family has known is was or a police action which ever it might be. My grand father was in the Army and my father was in the Third Marines and I was drafted. The only good thing I did was talk my son into joining the Air Force.
I would encourage any high school senior to join the Air Force, Navy or Coast Guard and take advantage of the experience and the educational benefits as I did my son. It will give you a different outlook on life.
I know my dad was in the Army, 1st husband was in the Army and 2nd husband was in the Army. My oldest son is in the Air Force (linguist), 2nd son is joining the National Guard with hopes of going into the Coast Guard, 3rd son is going into the Army (special forces) after graduation in June. They will be getting a good education about real life, getting paid for it, have a roof over their heads and medical aid if needed. Also, they all plan on getting any college benefits they can for the future. Don't know yet, what the 4th son will do, but he's just a freshman in high school this year. I'm very proud of the choices they've made.
My grandfather served as a "doughboy" during WWI. My father served in Korea and Vietnam. I served from 1974-1978. This makes me a third generation service person.

I joined for the discipline, which I felt was badly needed due to my "misspent youth". And though I have been out of the service for over twenty-five years, I still have my "military bearing".

My father was in the Marine Corps for 26 years, fought in Korea and did a year in Vietnam. I was raised in the Marines, but did not join the military myself. Sometimes I wish I had...
The men in my family have been in the military pretty much since the Revoultion. No women yet! Each generation has served since the Civil War. Before then, records are sort of spotty, except for the revolution. Don't know about The War of 1812 or the Mexican War.
First generation. I joined because I didn't know what else to do after graduating high school- I was a spoiled kid. Spent 3 years in the 82nd Airborne Division, and grew disappointed I couldn't get into Special Forces because I am a woman. My son is 16 and interested in Army Rangers and I am encouraging him.
Every male in my blood family served in the military. The only relative that I can trace that did not fight for the USA fought for the CSA under General Sterling Price. I served from 1990-1993 in the Army Infantry. I was medically discharged after shattering my ankle. I planned on making a career out of the military but that was not meant to be.
My DH is third generation on both sides of his family. He was a miliatry Brat. ;)
He served in the US Navy 21 years.. retired 4 1/2 years ago.

His father served in the US Airforce 20+ years,, ended up with Cancer out of that.
His Father's father (grandfather) was in the US Navy....

His Grandfather on his mother's side was in the Royal Navy in the UK...

My Father was in the Airforce. Every generation was in some branch of the military... all the way to the start of America.
Sorry for the late post, I just found this thread.
My father, uncle, two aunts, and brother in law (four of his brothers) were all in the Marines. I signed up when I was 17 in the delayed entry program. Went active 1991 and got out in 1995. Thought about making a career, but during my time I had a situation with alcohol and being under age! After the games were done with that, I decided four and out was my goal. If I have children and they decide to go in, I will gladly support them.

The problem I am having right now is dealing with NOT being in. I don’t have a death wish or anything, but…I feel that I am healthy enough and have the training that I don’t need a younger person defending me. I feel guilty when I see young men and women (some who I served with) showing up on television as a statistic. While in, I was a security forces, hostage rescue and anti-terrorist instructor. Now I sit behind this computer and make a decent living for me and my wife. People tell me that I’ve done my time and should be happy that I made it out alive; which I am, but sometimes I feel like it is just a waste for me to do nothing.

Sorry for the rambling…..enjoy your Memorial Day and keep our troops in your prayers.
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First generation, United States Air Force, retired 1993. Went in for several reasons. I lost my job in the Insurance business..there were few opportunities in New York's southern away I went.
third generation, that i know of, to serve.
Well, I am the second gereration. My father was in the Navy and I served from 1980-1987 in the USAF. After basic and Tech School I went to Hill AFB, Utah. I was one :no: of the first female crew chiefs on the F-16 fighter jet. My experience was the most exciting time I can remember. I would not change my life for anything if I could. When I joined teens were more prepared for their future than what kids are now days. I would not want my children to be in any branch of the armed service. After my time was up, the armed service didn't prepare me for a life without structure. I feel young adults need to get an education first so after their term is up, they can provide for themselves or their families. Life is harder than what the military leads you to believe. :)
My Father was a Marine My Mother was in the air force My brother was in the army I was in the NAVY and now my oldest son is in the army national guard. I wanted to be on a submarine ever since I was a kid watching voyage to the bottom of the sea
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