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Apple tree Question

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I want to get a couple apple trees and trying to decide on dwarf, semi or standard. Also, any recommmendations on type(name). We have lots of room. Has to be good for cold weather, too. We sometime get down to minus 35 here. Thanks!
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I have always liked semi-dwarf trees since they don't get quite so tall. They also produce an abundant crop of fruit for their size. 12-15 foot trees are nicer to pick from than 30 ft trees.

Check in your nursery catalogs, they tell you what varieties do best in your area/zone. Follow their instructions and you should be ok.
'One Green World' nursery has some great red fleshed apples. Even a few combo trees, and all are either dwarf or semi dwarf. I've ordered from them before-found the service and the product to be terrific.
Go with standard trees, most if not all semi-dwarf rootstock isn't hardy enough for those temps. Check the catalog at St. Lawrence Nursery for cold zone varieties. Even if you don't order from them you'll have a good idea what'll grow in your climate.

We're right on the edge of zones 3 and 4, we usually go with zone 3 plants to be on the safe side. Snow cover makes a difference also, more snow equals more protection.

I also have had very good luck with One Green World,, their web site is..

They are very helpful and willing to answer questions.
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