Anything wrong with saving your grass cuttings for hay?

Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by r.h. in okla., Mar 26, 2005.

  1. We don't fertilize our yard and we don't use too much pesticides either. Occasionally we spread tick crystals to control the ticks but would that be too much so that we shouldn't save the grass cutting for hay? Also, we have about as much weeds as we do actual grass. We do have a lot of native clover in our yard.

    I have thought about using a bagger to catch the grass clippings and then dry them out on a wire screen for a couple of days. Then bag them up in toe/gunny sacks and save to feed the rabbits. Anyone else do something similar to this?
  2. Oh, have also thought about either getting rid of my dogs or tying them up so I can free range chickens again. When I had free ranging chickens I didn't have a problem with ticks. No ticks, no pesticides.

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    May 23, 2004
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    well, since your yard, i assume is not clover or alfalfa, the feed value would be negligible, i know i personally wouldnt do this, there are plants that can harm bunnies, and since they get chopped so finely while in the mower it would be nearly impossible for the bunnies to pick out whats good and whats not good for them
    this is the same reason most people do not feed yard clippings to thier animals, my advice, save the grass clippings and spread UNDER the rabbit hutches it will give your worms, if youre raising them under hutches food, or better yet it will keep flies and yuckies as well as starting a darn good compost pile under thier hutch!

    my two coppers rub them how you want
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    LOL, this is totally off topic, but if you have trouble with ticks try getting some ducks/turkeys. Our yard and fields were just loaded with them before we got the birds and now we haven't found one in months. It was so bad when we first moved in that we'd just go out in the yard and come back with hitchhikers. Now...nada ticks and it was completely natural and pesticide free. :) That's my "two coppers". ;)