Anyone wonder about Nutrisystem

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    May 20, 2005
    In case you are wondering if it works:
    I have tried it, and it works. 2 months and 24 lbs gone. Started at 170 lbs.
    The first month I had substantial loss, now it is going away at 1-2 lbs per week. I have not "Cheated" on the plan, except for Thanksgiving Dinner.
    The food is pricy, about $289 for 28 Days of all your meals, one addtl week comes for free with your initial order, you can customze your order. ( price going up in 2007) and you can cancel at any time.
    Considering that I no longer go out to eat on a regular basis, and dont buy my "Junk Food" any more I havent noticed the budget changed much at all.
    I will only order for 1 more month, and pretty much feel I can now substitue my low fat choices in place of their foods. You have to add fresh vegies, dairy, and a few other items to the food they send you.
    I started to exercise in the second month, and it helps tremendously. I feel better, no more foot pain when getting up after sitting for a long time.
    There is a website that you can go to, as a member or not. It is loaded with all sorts of information, recipes, support, a virtual model you can set up for yourself, and visualize your loss as it goes along.
    The food is OK, some is actually quite good, but some things I would not order again. Nothing has to be frozen or refrigerated.
    What I have really learned from it is PORTION CONTROL! (and that goes for every single meal for the rest of my life)
    And I now eat 3 meals a day, before I was a breakfast skipper and lunch snacker.
    I am now reading lables and have become calorie watcher.
    I am not truely hungry during the day, and think I ate just because it was there, and developed a "Food Hobby" LOL
    As a member there said "I didn't loose the weight, I dont need to find it or want it back, I got Rid of it."