anyone who doesn't plan on eating their pig?

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  1. Maybe I have come to the wrong place. My pig is a pet. I was hoping to find others who do not intend to eat their piggy. (the dog and cat people just don't understand him). Any other pig "keepers" out there?
  2. Don Armstrong

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    May 8, 2002
    central New South Wales, Australia
    Well, we have someone on here who uses her half-ton hog for riding. Does that count?

  3. Jena

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    Aug 13, 2003
    My husband raises hogs for market, but he made the mistake of bringing me three frozen piglets in a bucket a couple weeks ago.

    They are currently living in the kitchen, to the horror of some who claim I am going to kill off my family with pig germs. They really need to be moved out of the house now. They want to be out of the box and running around, but I'm not sure what to do with them.

    I made a house from an old dog house in a shed, but I'm still afraid to move them there. I keep thinking something will get them, or their heat lamp will go out, or they will squeal all night with no answer....(they are totally spoiled).

    I'm a farmer and understand that we sell or eat what we grow, but I've fallen in love with my little pigs and they will have to get pretty obnoxious before I am ready to eat them.

    So yeah....I guess I'm an accidental pig keeper :)

  4. Tango

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    Aug 19, 2002
    I have a small and fairly new razorback breeding program that I started when I was given two orphan razorbacks that were near death and I became attached. I now have 12 razorbacks including my first litter of six. The litter was free roaming the property until they were weaned this week. I had to pen them or they were going to root up to kingdom come. I've been pushed out of supposedly pig and pork boards by pet pig keepers but I can say in all earnestness that I would be surprised if this board pushed you out if you want to talk pet pig. We have an eclectic group of people, mostly raising pigs for meat, but doing so in a way that is pretty removed from stereotypes, and we have a wealth of knowledge for everyone raising pigs from people who've been involved hands on for many many years. So no, I don't keep pet pigs, mine work for a living- it is the only way to keep the number I currently have, which is a fraction of the number I intend to keep as my razorback bloodline improves genetically. I think mine are raised in between pet and pork, which, in my experience, is not a bad way to keep an animal that will get to over 200 pounds and be one of the most stubborn and obnoxious animals on the planet.
  5. cowgirlone

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    May 9, 2002
    I'd keep one as a pet if I could! To me there's nothing cuter than a piglet and they are soooo smart! :D
  6. slkirky

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    Sep 5, 2002
    Big Rockpile,

    I think you can find a happy medium. First it all depends on what you mean by making it a *pet*

    I am a huge believer in humane raising practices. This is why I grow my own and no longer buy meat from the store. Do my pigs sleep with me like my pet dog? :) NOPE But they do get excited when the see or hear me coming and they do fight over each other to get the first head scratch when I feed them. I let them out sometimes when I am out working, and they follow me around and rub against my legs.

    An animal that comes when called, loves to be petted and is cared for in a humane and healthy way would be considered a *pet* by many, but I consider these dinner. The only name they have is a communal *piggie piggie* call... and they will be sent for processing as I am not ready to undertake that project yet myself.

    I believe healthy happy critters taste better and I have no guilt consuming them when I know the life they had was pleasant and the death quick.