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Anyone watch monster house?

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yesterday they did a show with a family on a 2 acre ranch, the oldest child has a condition where she can't go out in the direct sunlight. They had a 90 something year old house. Instead of fixing the house, they tore it down. Granted, what they built was spectacular, but I nearly cried knowing they tore down such a huge chunk of history. Anyway, they built them a brand new house, made every window and door covered with special uv coverings so the dd didnt have to hide from the sun. They also gave them a pool, trampoline and I think a pool table, all covered in huge "sails", so she could play outside again. They also dug them a new well and wired the entire house for solar, taking advantage of all that sunlight that they have dreaded for the last 6 years. The host said that thier electric bill would be about $7 a month, and I woundered out loud how much that setup must have cost them for a house that size. I think he said the well was like 280 feet. Maybe I should apply.:)
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Extreme home makeover? Yeah, I saw it last night. They help out families that genuinely need help. I've seen them redo homes to fit a wheelchair, bulldoze and rebuild homes that are literally falling down, you name it. With all the stupid reality tv shows on tv, it's kind of...refreshing.

Monster home is a whole other ballgame. They take a house, and a theme, and totally redo the house. Think 70's. They put in a disco ball, a lighted dance floor, shag carpeting, a rotating heart-shaped bed, etc.
Yes, thats it, I got the titles mixed up. I've seen them both.
I love them both. Either one could come to my house.
I love the Extreme Makeover Home Edition...

I love what they have done for families...

On Sunday... they looked at the wiring and some other issues and felt it was better to knock down and rebuild... and if you look closely at the new home, it was built to look very much like the old home.. same style of building.. just larger..

Sunday's was the third new one for the year and each has been so heart touching.. I am truly amazed at what they can do for these families.

Lynn in Texas
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