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Anyone using the Tropf Blumat drip watering system ? OR similar

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Good Day folks...

Years ago (20 +/-) I used a product made in Austria called "Tropf Blumat" which is a combo ceramic cone & membrane dripper system for your plants. It requires no power and is just a gravity fed mechanism which you can link several drippers to... I quite liked it as it took a lot of hassle out of watering... each one senses moisture & drips when reaches the point you set... These used to be available at many gardening supply places but not so much anymore, seems e-bay / amazon is the best place now.

I'm already plotting my Spring Projects as I have the whole winter ahead to plan my demise as it were and contemplating ordering one of their bigger kits for a raised bed garden but I started to add it all up and holy moly... So I am wondering if anyone is using anything similar to the Tropf system... no power/pump needed, gravity fed, dial control for drip rate when soil reaches dry and be extendable so that I could run lines into 15' long raised beds.

Any experience with a similar type of product that you could share would be appreciated... I do know these work well but the price is pretty steep and I am trying to conserve my cash so....

Here's a Photo of what the Tropf Blumat system looks like...
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I'm using a generic drip system cobbled together with parts from big box stores, but these certainly look intriguing. Not cheap, though. I'm also curious as to whether anyone has experience with them.
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