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Anyone near Shreveport?

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I have been in contact with a lady that wants to buy on average 14 gallons of goat milk a week. Is there anyone near Shreveport that can help her?? I would have to drive 45 min just to meet her half way. And I am only milking 3 does right now, so I have nowhere near that volume, most of my milk is just for my family. She wants raw, unpasturized milk. I think she is making soap and kefir with most of it. If anyone has any ideas, or can help her, please pm me!
thnx so much.
Mama J
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Did she tell you she had a glass electric butter churn for sale for $50? Looked nice, but I couldnt use it. I bought a vita mix from her and she had a case of 1/2 gal jars I wanted, so I am swapping with her today. She REALLY wants milk! Already called me this morning, and all I was able to put back was 3 gallons! That may not happen too many more times, I really use all my milk.
could be a good deal for someone with lots of milk that wasnt too far off. She is willing to drive here for milk, and that is over an hour away from her!
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