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Before the tornado destroyed the house, my husband lived in the Jackson area-a small community called Denmark. We both loved it there!! He commuted 72 miles into Memphis but liked the Jackson/Denmark area much better than the big city.
The people are very friendly, helpful and for the year and a half he lived there he never had any crime or problems even though he traveled extensively for 10-12 days at a time and left the house empty. After the tornado came through neighbors were helping neighbors and the police even stopped by to check on him and brought him coffee and breakfast.
Racially & politically diverse with a good mix of young & old residents.
If we had the ability right now, we'd buy some land in that area!! That's how much I liked it there! :D
Rural living at it's best IMO, with plenty of services available in Jackson.

I know you're in the restaurant field and Jackson has plenty. Some really nice ones too, not just the regular chains/fast food places.
I don't know how far your place would be but you might want to check Jackson for food service/chef jobs.

Here's the site for the county demographics.

Edited for more information:
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