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Greetings! This is my first post to the board, and was wondering if anyone on this board was in Central New York... more specifically, somewhere between Albany and Utica. My wife Tracy, myself, and our friend Pete are embarking on a homestead adventure at a plot of land near you, if that's the case. To be extremely specific... we're focused on Schoharie County and the surrounding area.

Presently, we're on the land-search end of things... good lord. Seen about 45 places since November (winter land searching... woo-hoo! :no: ) and finally have a potential place... still need to get around some issues with it before an offer can be made. Trying not to get overly excited yet. If anyone knows of a place with 40+ acres of forest and field within an hour and a half drive from Albany for under $2000 an acre... just shout it out.

We're looking to have a small organic farm, CSA model, and eventually have an educational component on our place.

Gotta go for now. Can't wait to pick all the wonderful brains in this place.

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I live in Broome County, near Binghamton. I've lived in Oneida, Herkimer, and Steuben counties in NY too. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Stacy in NY

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I've lived up here in Volney for going on ten years, and a goodly portion of what I eat's come out of my garden. If you live up here, though, grow crops that do well in sandy soils.

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I'm in Columbia County, but we rent, and probably won't be here more than a few more years. There have been some great places here, but not in that price range.

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