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If you have something unique, you'll do well. If your product is done to excellent standards, you'll likely do well.

Packaging and presentation are EXTREMELY important. Make sure you have your name on the package, contact info (so they can order from you). Make the packaging fairly simple, but attractive. Business cards on the table is a good thing.

Don't overprice your goods, but don't underprice, either. If someone is going to a craft mall to shop, they'll expect to pay for high quality, and if you underprice....they may think it's a poor product. You can always do a "buy 3 get 1 free" sort of thing.

Recently went to a craft mall that had a couple of quilters. One quilt stall had beautiful quilts, and the lady was super friendly. Not pushy, but smiling, and happy. She was selling like crazy. Other stall had gorgeous quilts, fair prices, but the woman didn't look up from her book while people were browzing thru her quilts. Only when some said "excuse me?" did she say anything. She didn't come back the next month because of poor sales.

You might want to go in with someone else, who has complementary items. Maybe you make quilts, and the other person does woodwork (like quilt hangers, baby cribs, racks).

Candles/soaps combining with someone who does ceramics (soap dishes, candleholders, mugs, etc.)

Check out what others in the mall are selling. For example: If there are 5 people who do polymer clay stuff, and that's what you would sell, probably not a good choice.

Another thing you have to consider, is your time. Will you be able to be there all the time? or is this a mall that doesnt' have the crafter there? (we had one of those malls here in Madison,but it failed)
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