Anyone here ever raise sugar cain?

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  1. A lady at church this evening gave me a sugar cain about 3 feet long. She said she once knew someone nearby here in Oklahoma who use to raise sugar cains. I didn't know it would grow here! Anyway it has a joint about every 4 inches or so. Can I get a start from it by cutting it into peices and soaking each joint in water and hope it takes root?
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    Oct 29, 2004
    Yes, sugar cane is the easiest thing to grow, she is right, every section is a plant in itself!

    For your first plant tho, to ensure you dont cut it wrong or spoil it somehow, i'd say cut it in 2-4 pieces depending on the length, and stick it in the ground, water it regularly and you'll have 4 plants guarenteed. next season you can try to get 1 plant per section, for this one just get it going for your restocking needs.

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    Hi r.h.
    You don't have to soak sugar cane in water to grow it. Just dig a shallow trench and lay the stalk down in it. It should be horizontal, not vertical. Cover the cane with 2-3 inches of soil. Each joint should sprout a new plant.

    It's not hard to grow, at least around here (S. Ga)

    Good luck!