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Anyone have Mini Nubians?

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We have a deposit on 2 mini nubian doelings but won't be able to pick them up until close to the end of July since that's when the breeder will be weaning them.

I have a couple questions though, the mother is 3rd generation mini nubian with papers.
I want to know if they come into heat twice a year like full size doe's or year around like Nigerians would?
Also I'm wondering on how old or how much they should weigh before breeding them. Since only having Nigerians & pygmies before that I really don't know anything about this breed?

They sure are adorable though.
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I have 3 mini-nubians and the does come into heat twice a year. My two does weigh 45-50 lbs at 1 1/2 years old.
My mini Nubians go into heat year round. Maybe that changes the higher the generation goes. Pixie is almost 2 years old and around 70-75 pounds. Her half sister is about the same size. They are both F1.
My full size Nubian doe is 145-150 and she last went into heat in March. My cinderblock boy could not reach :( I so wanted blue eyed kids with her spots :) Hopefully this Fall he will be able to reach.
Since they are minis I would not go with weight, but rather size/age like with Nigies.
Be sure to post pix, I bet they are adorable.
It varies, but the goal is to have them come into heat year round, I believe. My friend has minis, and we are going to breed for minis in the fall.
Thanks for the help everyone, I sure can't hardly wait to get them. It's been so long since we bought a goat from someone else & had to wait to play with them. Dh & I really Love just hanging out down with the goats especially after the babies start coming.
:buds:Katie,,,,I guess we are just hopeless,,baby goat lovers :shrug: I spent 2 hrs with Abby & Katie after i disbuded them !! They still love me. :nanner: licking my hand,& jumping on my lap...

PS Fixed your e-mail yet?? Ron
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