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Anyone going to Twilights opening?

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My oldest daughter, 15, was going to have a break down if we didn't go to the opening night of Twilight. There are three shows sold out at the theater we are going too. I don't know when the last time I was up in the middle of the night! Our show starts at 12:03 am.

Anyone else crazy enough to stand in line with their teens at midnight to watch the opening?
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I HATE going to movies on the opening nights. I'd rather enjoy it without the mad crush of people. We'll see the movie but maybe a few days later.
My daughter liked the books so I read them too. We had a nice discussion about how girls shouldn't try to become something else for a boy...let alone become a vampire! We also talked about how lasting love isn't finding someone instantaneously like Edward and it's important to use your brain as well as your heart and that real love grows into something lasting over time.

Moms: we can find a lesson in everything.:D
Vampires have had a real makeover, haven't they?:D
I finished reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries a month or so ago (they are definitely NOT for younger readers) and they are a hoot. It's a bummer to have to wait for the next one coming out next year.
I was already in the vampire kind of mood (?) so I continued on with the Twilight books. My daughter thinks I'm a little strange though because I was rooting for Jacob rather than Edward.
It is inspired by the first book in the series, though they've gone far afield as usual. I'm finding Sookie much less likeable in the HBO series than the books.
And you're right...those are REALLY not for non-adults. Too much nekkidness.
I wouldn't really try comparing Southern Vampire Mysteries to the Twilight series. Although they're both about vampires and werewolves they are entirely different genres. Although I do think the SVM are far better written than the Twilight books.
You know, it's just a teen book...not something I'm going to lose any sleep over whether the author is a twit or not. If I didn't read anything because I didn't like the personality of the author, I'd not have much to read!
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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