Anyone Familiar with S.Oregon(Ashland) Area

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    May 10, 2002
    We've about had it with the crowds, the traffic, the high cost of living, and the lack of water down here in S. CA. The weather is the only thing going for it, but lately the heat of summer lasts from May thru Oct and the AC bills are outrageous.

    We've talked about the Ashland area as a potential home for years. My family all lives in Portland, so we would be closer. But they ask why would we want to move somewhere so expensive. I know our property tax would double for what we have now. But the trade-off for the lifestyle would compensate I feel. There are 17 rivers and lakes within 80 miles of Ashland. And our neighbors lived there for 5 years and say its a wonderful city. But they think the cost is really high these days for a place close in on 5-10 acres.

    Any thoughts? We've also been warned about staying out of the valley areas where winter fog blocks the sun for months on end. Any one know about this first hand? I've checked the archives and did find alot of old information, but nothing within the last 4 years.

    Thanks for any input!!
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    Jun 16, 2003
    Western Washington
    DWIGHT I don't know much about the Ashland area but I sure do understand you wanting to get out of So Ca. We are leaving too, in fact we're pulling out on Sat. :p :p We thought about Oregon as well because we have family in the Portland area, but we decided to cross the river over to WA. The prices aren't quite as steep as Oregon, yet. And the property taxes aren't nearly as high. There is sales, tax which Oregon doesn't have, but we figured that they are going to get you one way or another anyway. For what we sold our home for in California we bought a larger home on acrage with cash to spare for improvments and moving expenses. :)

    Good luck

  3. Wags

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    Jun 2, 2002
    Willamette Valley, Oregon
    Just moved north from southern oregon a few months ago. After 8 years of the californification that is taking place there we wanted to return to a little more sanity.

    Prices for land are very high down there. Medford and surrounding area does get a lot of fog and smog too for that matter. Lots of inversion problems. (morning flights in the winter are delayed more often than not). Poor planning for growth has made a mess out of the road system in the valley.

    Very dry with constant fire danger 9 months out of the year. It gets just as hot there so you won't be saving much if any on A/C bill. Yes there is some great cultural activities there, but you won't be really be leaving behind any of the problems you have in CA.

    The university towns of Eugene (300,00 metropolatin area) or Corvallis (55,000) would probably be your better bet, they have cultural activities. More rain, but that means a lot less fire danger. And from either of those its a relative easy drive to the coast. From Ashland it is at least 3 hours on some pretty dangerous roads. Plus the cultural activies and your relatives in Portland would be closer. And although there is skiing on Mt. Ashland, it is nothing like the skiing available on Mt. Bachlor in Bend.

    Hope that helps - I'ld be glad to answer any specific questions about any of those areas - I've lived all over the state.
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    Mar 21, 2005
    No. California
    I live just across the border from Ashland in Yreka, CA. Ashland is a very pretty but pricey area. Prices are out of sight. Check out
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    Jun 2, 2005
    I used to live in S. Oregon. Good place for retired, rich, or welfare people. If you are a working stiff trying to start over in a new place, the taxes and high cost of land make it tough to afford a nice home.
    Some of the folks that move up from CA find the land cheaper than they are used to, so they buy a big house they can't make the payments on with their new low paying job.
  6. Little Quacker in OR

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    May 9, 2002
    :) Well, my dh and I(lost him last spring)looked that area over closley as we have cousins in Canyonville and love them too pieces. But we found it too dry for our taste and too hot, and also colder in the winters. And in many areas there seem to be water problems. We wanted somewhere greener and as mentioned by others, closer to the Coast which we love and via better roads too. This was in '92.

    We also liked the tax structure much better here in Lane County than in Douglas(I think that is the county there in Ashland?) and thought the roads were better up here but I don't know if that is true. My dh did all of the driving back then and he paid close attention to roads and their upkeep. I can tell you that the roads around here are excellent even though there are major repairs on bridges etc going on for I-5..... I guess up and down the corridor.

    So, all in all it was ideal for us to come farther north to Cottage Grove. We were retiring though and not planning on making a living here.

    Good luck, I hope all goes well.