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anyone ever use one of these to drill a well?

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a friend was telling me he used one of these to drill a 230ft well (100 of which was rock) in arkansas. Just wondered if anyone had any experience with these. Sure would be a lot cheaper than having a well driller out( provided you could rent one or had more than one well to do)
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Back in 1975 or 76 we bought a Deeprock outfit, and used tit to put in our well through 30 feet of limestone. We put in a hand pump with a small cylinder and it worked fine. A friend used our outfit to put in 2 other wells, and we finally sold it to another fellow. Wish I had kept it. It was a bit slow going, and as mentioned you need water---kept my wife busy hauling 55 drums of water on our truck--and you sometimes don't think you are making progress.

The stand with winch etc that deeprock sells as part of the outfit now would make it lots easier--I held it by hand, and started standing on a tailgate of a truck, then on the ground, then added another section of drill stem and back up on the tailgate, etc.
Time, youth, and lack of money was our situation back then. First we drilled a 1" hole with the small carbide bit, and had to bring the bit up very often and push out the stone core. I had buckets of nice limestone cylinders, from and inch to 5 or 6 inches long. Then reamed out the hole with the bigger bit. I don't really recall how we decided we hit water, but it all worked out okay, and we used it for over 12 years, until we moved, and it was still working fine the last I knew.
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