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bare said:
We did a 45 pounder once...never again! The damb thing 'bout beat me to death when I slaughtered it and then I had to cabbage together a "pan" out of cookie sheets and a couple rolls of tin foil. It just barely fit the oven, even after taking out the racks. I always use a meat thermometer but doubt is was really long enough to reach the center.

Tasted good though, and the look on the guests faces was priceless.
That sounds like the last time we did BB Bronzes!!! We ended up only cooking the breast, because the whole turkey wouldn't fit in the oven. It was in the 30# range, but can't remember the exact weight.

When I put the thermometer in to check the temp, I got a reading that said it needed to stay in a little longer, so I pulled it out and a fountain of juice spurted out...and stayed like that for well over 20 seconds. that was the juiciest turkey I've ever made!!
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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