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Has anyone ever tried 'drunken chicken', where you insert a can of liquid into an intact (drawn, of course) chickens cavity, sitting upright? You close the lid of the bar-b-que, and wait about 45 - to an hour for the bird to cook. The liquid inside the can (marinade, beer, etc.) keeps the bird moist, as it boils out of the can. It is very similar to rotisseuire (sp?) chicken, meat just falls apart. Drunken comes from the fact that when bird is done, it seems to want to lean one direction, as the tenderness is cooked through the meat. Delicious.

Well, would a turkey be too big for this cooking method? Using a Folger's can of liquid, in a smoker, as a bar-b-que would likely be too small to enclose an upright bird the size of a turkey.

Has anyone tried this before? Dakotaman's post got me to thinking of this - um boy, smoked turkey is good. ;)
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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