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Mom's Pyrenees isn't working out. She won't let men near her, she will not stay in a building, she is a theif and an egg eater, she is terrified of the grooming clippers and is currently sporting a lovely mane of cockleburrs.

She does do a great job of roaming the place and not bothering the livestock. She loves small children and will let them pet her.

The big thing is her not letting Pop anywhere near her, and the neighbors across the road got a new (they claim drop off) dog which Jasmine has adopted. The neighbor's dog is a big trouble maker and harasses the penned rabbits.

Mom had no idea this dog had been abused like she obviously has. She has worked with this dog for a year and Jasmine still is no better about being in buildings or letting Pop close to her, even when he gives the other dogs treats. And it's not just Pop she is afraid of, she won't let any man near her. Mom says Jasmine HAS to go. FREE! If interested PM me and I'll give your info to Pop.
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