Anybody know how to make concrete floor smooth again?

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  1. In the old store building that I am currently buying to put my new business in has a cement floor in it. Some of it is kind of rough and crumbly and needs repair work. I was wanting to pour epoxy flooring on it but my budget isn't going to let me do that just yet. So I'm thinking of just painting the floor till my business is up and going good. So, anyone have any suggestion on repairing? Is there a concrete sealer that will smoothen out the rough spots?

    Thanks very much for your replies! Very much appreciated. RH. in Okla.
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    Mar 21, 2004
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    first lets assume the floor has been neglected for a while, sweep it then mop it then check the bad section. after that you can take and use what we refer to as bucket run paint. get a good grade of enamal paint i get mixed matched paint and over runs cheap then mixe them into a 5 gal bucket only use half out of each can when mixing that way you can custom color the second bucket if needed ,also the mixed type paint is cheaper in some areas just think thats what a lot of stores donate to habitat for humanity. or you can mix in about a quart of water seal per 5 gallons. pour it on in a small area then work it out with you long handled roller. let dry if results look good do a second piece of floor.

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    May 10, 2002
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    This is sold at Lowe's and Home Depot for about $20 a bag....

    Hope it helps

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    ive seen that done on some really messed up concrete. I watched them custom mix concrete with no agrigate, it had the consistancy of pea soup,they poured it on, it leveled itself and set up like glass.

    I have no idea how they mixed it, sorry.
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    theres a product called rock crete (i think) that is sold in small tubs that you mix with water. i use to see them use it alot a the big postal facilities. it was very easy to apply and very durable. they used it for cracks mostly but also seen them use it on spots about 5 foot square that was eroded sort of like what salt will do to it. may not be practicle for a whole floor but for several patches it might just work fine.
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    use what we refer to as bucket run paint. get a good grade of enamal paint i get mixed matched paint and over runs cheap

    James Dilley where do you get this sort of thing?

    Paint factory? Paint Stores?
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    If you were to use quick crete, or other cement products to patch it, it needs to be at least so thick, I am not sure how thick is good, but if its less then an inch, I am sure it will crack and break and come out. Painting would probably be the best way, if its really bad some places you could try the concrete.
  9. thanks everyone. I think I've got some good ideals through your replies. I just hope its not too expensive since I'm trying to go as cheap as I can.