Anybody ever restock fish in a creek?

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  1. I'm thinking about buying sunfish fingerlings to restock a creek that once thrived with them when I was growing up. Due to the overspreading of chicken manure on fields which caused a severe algae growth in the creeks most all the fish have disappeared. Their eggs would get smothered out by the algae. This all happened for several years in a row until the government has put more restrictions on the chicken farmers.

    Well the last couple of years the algae has not been a major problem like it once was. But the fish have not returned yet. So I'm thinking maybe I could buy some fingerlings to restock it with. When I was a kid growing up here, I could walk a quarter of a mile in either direction and fill up a stringer with sunfish. I would like for my kids to experience fishing in the creek.
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    I would go for it. It may be illegal in your state like it is here, but the states have a lot of goofy rules. I'd just do it quietly and keep it to myself. Been there and done that.

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    Do any other fish come up the creek to spawn in the spring? The creeks here don't have much in them except in late April and early May. One nearby gets lots of crappy and black suckers also come up. They soon go back to the river about 10 miles downstream. I'd try about 100 and if that works, you can then decide if it needs further stocking.
    Be sure to gradually get them used to the creek water, and the difference in temperture or it will kill them. I'd spread them out so they would stand a better chance of finding food.
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    is it possible to relocate some from another nearby stream?
  5. Meloc, I've thought about relocating fish from other streams but most streams I have come across are having the same problems as our stream. But if I could by me one of those big aerated buckets they use to keep bait fish alive then I might could catch a bunch over on the big river that is about 30 miles from me. Hopefully I could keep them alive long enough for the transport.

    Uncle Will, I've been up and down this creek for miles in both directions and there are just not any fish anymore to wash in or migrate. They can't come up from the river anymore cause someone built a dam right on the creek before it enters the river. Also, our creek is getting shallower and shallower due to ranchers and various other land owners cutting all the vegetation down next to the bank. When they do that it causes cave-ins and makes the creek beds wider thus lowering the water level. When I was a young adult the average big hole of water would come up to about my armpits. Now some of them only average about my thighs.

    Man has become the streams number one enemy.
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    Well around here the Otters would just love that :croc:

    big rockpile
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    Around here the state does the stocking with trout and the ones who avoid the fishermen do just fine. I don't think we have many of the other varieties of fish in the streams here tho, just in ponds. Some ponds are so full that everytime you drop a hook you will find a fish on the hook as you reel it in. Those are mostly Pumpkin Seeds tho. One pond here has several kinds of fish in it making it very popular with the younger fishermen as well as some of the old timers. We have a trout hatchery across the street and they use a pond system. The next door neighbor's son at about age 10 kept after my son to go fishing with him. He kept telling about this great pond behind a neighbor's house that they owned and it was full of fish. When they got there after a few very successful casts my son got very concerned. There were way too many fish in that pond! Ummmm----they had gotten off our neighbor's land and onto the hatchery land and were fishing in one of their growing ponds. They got out of there fast! The neighbor's son had been going fishing there for weeks unknown to the trout farm owners. That stopped in a hurry. If it were me I would consider putting in a pond and stocking it for your own personal use.