Anybody do Mountainman Rendezvous?

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  1. A couple of friends and I are interested in them but we don't know doodley squat about them. Such as Do all guns have to be flintlock? Do all cooking accessories have to be pre 1840 also? What about all other rules? Anybody know where to find any or how to get started? Any info will be help. Thankyou.
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    Dec 12, 2004
    I attended quite a few when I was single. Each group is different as to how hard core they are. Find out when they are going out, and visit them mid trip to get a feel as to how their group does it.

    In the group I camped with, each campsite was allowed one cooler, eyeglasses if needed, one watch, and medical needs. Anything else must be in the period that group followed, down to your undies. Of course I was sure that the beer can was invented mid 1800s thus I took quite a few with me.

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    May 12, 2002
    Here's a couple of sites for you to check out!

    I do the rendevous in Friendship Indiana twice a year and it's a great time, lots of nice people, vendors, and things to do.

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    May 10, 2002
    My kids and I hit 3-4 rendezvous a year. I have seen very few flintlocks in Ok, Ks or Mo. A few but most people use black powder muzzleloaders.
    Most welcome newcomers and have a place for modern camping and "tin teepees" for those just starting out.
    Depends on where you are in Ok, but they have a good one at Woolaroc in Bartlesville -- in fact, they keep a camp site and guide set up for most of the year on the park grounds. If you go to Talking Bear's web site ( I think that it has the same addy without the spaces) you will find the list of scheduled rendezvous and shoots for most of the free world......
    Our club has the darndest time setting dates for shoots and our Spring and Fall Rondy because there are just so many that there are always schedule conflicts.

    Some clubs are very strict about dressing in period correct costume and campsites. Most give people some leeway and are very happy to have people stop in and visit and learn more about it. Some are very family oriented and some are just excuses for grown men to dress up, and get drunk......
    Tana Mc
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    Nov 20, 2002
    My wifes brother bought a Flintlock replica for that purpose. He was the only one that was outfitted to a "t" in period costume. Most just get together for the camaraderie and fun.

    I personally think the Old Covered Wagon trip in Wyoming would be a great experience.
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    central idaho republic
    Some friends of ours are putting one togehter for the Lewis and clark thingy that is sposed to be so big of a deal [i havenet noticed an increase in traffic like predicted] I shall git back with the particualrs.... but it is goona be held in Long Camp RV park [Long Camp is a place L &C stayed here on the south fork of the clearwater river for awhile] near Kamiah Idaho.

    there are a couple others around here locally as well but not as big as elsewhere... as far as the gear goes each camp is different, some require all period clothing, no coolers visible except when moving in and out of camp, no modern anything is usually the really strict camps that have been around a long time.

    I myself have a hawken cap replica, more for my own hunting than for rendevous, and i dont buckskin hunt either, i wool it [which is dagnerous cause of static build up]. Most camps allow canvass teepees cause its so hard to own a herd of buffalo or elk to get that much leather for one.