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Any Trucker's Wives out there??

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I am one. I just got back from being called out with the tools, mine by the way, to help DH on the side of the highway fix his back lights on the tractor. Pouring rain, cars spraying you as they go by. Oh the fun. Not as bad as the time we got stuck in the ditch on a forestry road in Northern Alberta in the middle of the winter with a portable building on the back.The chains on the truck were old and broke, so we had to put other ones on, in the dark, still couldn't move. We were there for over 12 hours waiting for something big enough to move us to pass. Lucky I always carried food and water and a small coleman stove in the truck. :sing:
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DH drives tractor/trailer local too, but I remember the "fun" of long haul back in the early 80s when he drove mostly down south, but some to CA and northwest. Most "fun" was sitting by the scales in north GA waiting for his truck's violations to be fixed. Us and the truck sat there for 17 hours. I was a teacher, but also worked at the local sewing factory on summer break, so I could usually have a good enough excuse not to go with him. Long haul trucking is a job you have to really like doing in order to keep doing it. Hardest job on earth in my opinion.
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