Any tips for farrowing in hot weather?

Discussion in 'Pigs' started by Up North, Jun 1, 2006.

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    Nov 28, 2005
    The first batch of piglets I had were born in November. Any tips for hot weather farrowing and worse yet biting flies. My pregnant sow and gilt are out on pasture right now. I made wallows for them to keep cool and they also have a shelter if they choose for shade. Should I get them out of the wallows before they farrow? Do you think that having muddy udders would present a problem for the piglets? We have them in seperate pens and we gave them each a round bale to tear apart for a nest. The old sow has already started on her nest. I haven't seen the gilt start one but she is 4 weeks away from her due date. How do you handle biting flies? Most of the time the hogs are covered in enough mud that the flies don't bug them too much. A couple of days ago I had to spray down my old sow with fly spray because the flies were biting her so much she had sores from it. Has anyone had a problem with flies getting the babies?

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    If you have big trees that give shade most of the day; at least from noon until sundown, that's where I would build their farrowing pen.Make sure you can spray them down with the hose if possible, they get more out of that than mud.I don't have shelers from April until Oct. here,doesn't have air circulating through it and a little breeze goes along way after you wet them down.The hog soak down is the DW's favorite job and gives you a chance to get a good look at your girls.In a few days of an afternoon shower , they will start banging on the fence for their "refreshment" lol I've used just a ltlle fly powder with good results, won't totally eliminate stable flies but gives some relief. A few people here will give some powdered gatorade in the water to help a bit.Try to keep the from getting fat, fat is a BAD thing in the heat; I should know , being an old fat guy!!!

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    If you have a mth before farrowing , then i would recommend adding 2% DE to there feed, It will seriously lessen your fly problem in that amount of time. you can also use it as a powder on the sows themselves & when a fly lands on the hog it will die, not right away of course but over alittle time it will kill off your fly problem.
    I would not recommend using chemical solutions to solve your problem but of course i dont recommend using chemicals for anything anyway , let alone with pregnant animals.
    Mud will not be an issue with suckling pigs, heck pigs have there noses in the dirt all day long, mud is the least of there worries. & a good coating of mud is a hogs natural way of controling insects, don't shy away from letting them use it to it's full benifit.
    Good Luck