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dbthomas said:
Well, I'm a female, and I'm not a native, but I now live in New Mexico. Is the magazine geared toward the native New Mexican, the "yuppie" New Mexican or just the ordinary woman that lives in New Mexico? I'm serious. I've not seen the magazine and I don't know if our library carries it either. Would it be something they could use a subscription to that the women in the area would enjoy?

Deb in New Mexico

:) :)

Hi Deb.....what area do you live in? I'm southern Dona Ana County and not a native either.........anyway......

Here's what they say...

In March 2004, New Mexico WOMAN marked 16 years of women celebrating women. New Mexico WOMAN is a monthly magazine devoted solely to telling the stories of the most accomplished, dedicated, and successful women in business in New Mexico. The publication began life as a four-page newsletter in 1988. Now it’s grown to a 30-plus page, four-color glossy magazine with a readership of more than 20,000 every issue

I found it at our library and I was amazed 'cause I'd never heard of it before! In particular, I saw the section where they offer Ambassadorship. (Click on the What's New link.) Someone who will report to the magazine women who have promotions, honors and awards, events, women-owned businesses etc, in their area. I thought this was a GREAT way to get a free subscription too! (I just did not want to spend about 30 bucks for one! Plus, our local library is 40 minutes driving time away.)

Since you'd never heard of it either, I thought other NM women might want to pitch in to get us ALL recognized. Not sure where you are, but we want Santa Fe to know that Southern New Mexico DOES exist and we have some wonderful ladies down here who accomplish much!

What do you think??

Well I'm not a female but I am a New Mexican. Born in Grants in 1960. My dad worked at the Uranium mills. My family moved back to Oklahoma in 65. I still have several kinfolks there in the Grants and Crown Point area. I haven't been out there in probably 25 years but would love to take my wife and kids out there for vacation one of these summer. Go up in the mountains and camp out, visit Chaco canyon, and visit relatives I haven't seen in many years. If this new business does well for me this next 9 months I might try to go visit my birth state next summer.
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