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Any newspaper delivery drivers here?

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My wife is starting a paper delivery route. She's ridden along with a manager tha past two mornings, and the change in sleep schedule hasn't been too hard on her yet. She has been waking up at 1 AM to get ready and drive the 35 miles to the newspaper printer, pick up the papers at 2 AM, and she's been getting home around 6:30 to 7:00. The manager that she's learning with says he does this route in 2 1/2 hours, and an hour longer on Sundays.

The pay is $560 every two weeks. Not bad for a job that won't require us to find and pay for daycare. Drawbacks - seven days a week, so neither of us can leave town unless we drive around with the two boys sleeping (hopefully) in the back seat. This money will be extra money that we're planning to put away for a new furniture fund, and to repay a loan from my parents.

My question is, have you notified your car insurance, and how much does it go up because you're using your vehicle for business?

We're concerned about bad weather also. Fortunately on this route they are all either 'throw out the window at the end of the driveway' or 'insert into tube(that's plastic newspaper box for you laymen:))'. Only one where she has to get out of the car and put the paper between the man's storm door and front door. Which is good, my wife can get anxious/scared in the dark (stop snickering, I hear you back there! :haha: ). I'm going to be getting her either a extra-bright flashlight or a 12V spotlight, and checking our emergency supplies in her car.
I'm more concerned about her breaking down or getting stuck out in the middle of nowhere. The breaking down part hopefully isn't too likely, as she has a 2003 vehicle. The getting stuck, getting a flat, hitting a deer part is more likely. She'll have her cell phone, but cell coverage is pretty spotty in our valley.

Any other suggestions for those who have been there, done that?

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My ex did them for 11 years, and wore out 4 cars doing them. Its the stop and go that kills them :(

Also, you have never seen people at their worst, until you have seen them when you are late with their paper, or god forbid, accidently forget them :eek: You would think people were getting deliveries of sacks of gold, rather than a newspaper, the way some of them go on.
He was threated with a gun twice, had dogs sic'd on him more than a few times, had a man had to be physically restrained from going after him, to name a few things.

Also, you might find it gets old very fast waking up alone, with no one to snuggle with in the wasnt a problem for me ;) but I can see where some might not like that.
Quiver0f9 said:
I totally agree about rude people. They would get so irate if he forgot a paper or was a bit late in delivering. Call ME and yell at me over it UGH :rolleyes:
No kidding! The one that doesnt deliver is the one that gets to field all the phone calls from irate people, so be prepared! :eek:
My favorite was the lady that called me and woke me up when I was 9 months pregnant, at 5 AM :eek: to tell me she hadnt got her paper my ex was walking up her driveway.

And daileyjoy reminded me of something, yes the gloves are a must, even not in the winter. Newsprint is very rough on your hands, it dries them out and my ex used to get deep cracks in his hands from them.

I recommend getting a can of Bag Balm for your hands, and get a few pairs of those Ladies magic stretch gloves that they sell 2 pairs for 1.99 in Wal Mart, the ones with the gripper bumps on them, not the plain ones.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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