Any mushroom growers here?

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  1. Read a article in either Mother Earth or Backwoods about growing your own mushrooms. So I have a couple of questions for you who grow your own. 1. Do goats eat mushrooms? 2. Do you have good success by using the plug and log system? 3. Are the plugs expensive? 4. Is there a good market for them out in the rural area's?
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    Hey, I'm in Tulsa OK - still reading up here....checked out the book "Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms" from the library and it's pretty interesting though not to far in the book yet. Plan to grow my own also but not from a "kit" then dry some, eat some, sell some - that is the plan anyway. Have you read any good books on mushroom growing yet?

  3. Jackie, not books, but have been reading a lot on the internet. Sounds very interesting and somewhat easy if you have plenty of shade. This last fall I found several wild oyster mushrooms while out deer hunting and from what I read I can purchase oyster inoculation capsules and grow my very own in large quantities.
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    We have some mushroom logs with the spores in them. We just have to soak them to force them to grow. It would be worth it as I love mushrooms and if we could get enough, we might sell them.

    It is a trial-and-error thing. Just because it sounds easy doesn't mean it is. However, the rewards are worth it! :D
  5. Aaron how long have you been raising them? Was it difficult to get started?
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    Plug and spawn works well with ****ake and oyster in our area. I never had any luck with other species. ****ake logs produce well, but the logs are eaten up pretty quickly to the point they fall apart. Oyster logs last longer. About the only thing that will cause a crop failure is if a wild fungus gets into the log.
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    Brings back memories of early 70's...bright comforters on the ground under large live oaks and a cool summer breeze. Let's bring back the "Good Times".