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Antibiotic ponderings----

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had a carpal release surgery done this week, and was 'unfortuneate' enough to experience, firsthand, the results of antibiotics on the digestive system. No wonder why oral antibiotics can kill our rabbits--it has really taken a lot of real close attention to my water and food intake to match what I am losing through 'digestive upset' as a result of the changes in the gut flora...

I find I don't want to eat, or drink--- I wonder if the rabbits feel the same way?
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I keep acidopholis capsules on hand all the time and start taking them anytime I'm on antibiotics for anything ... also give it to the dogs or horses anytime I have them on antibiotics as well. Puppies and foals, especially, are very sensitive to antibiotics and it doesn't take much to really screw up the gut flora and cause serious problems. They just don't have the body mass to deal with dehydration from diarrhea ... and I would imagine that rabbits, being even smaller, would react even more drastically to that.
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