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Antibiotic ponderings----

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had a carpal release surgery done this week, and was 'unfortuneate' enough to experience, firsthand, the results of antibiotics on the digestive system. No wonder why oral antibiotics can kill our rabbits--it has really taken a lot of real close attention to my water and food intake to match what I am losing through 'digestive upset' as a result of the changes in the gut flora...

I find I don't want to eat, or drink--- I wonder if the rabbits feel the same way?
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I woudln't be at all surprised. The difference being, of course, that you will do what is good for you in spite of how you feel. The rabbits instincts do not have the data to deal with it. So they shut down.

I am allergic to many antibiotics and most of them have unfortunate GI tract results as well as causing nasties such as rashes, shortness of breath etc. I'd have to be VERY sick to even consider trying one again.
Plus, living as they do in confinement, they don't have the opportunity to seek out wild plants to help them through!
Good point!

One time, Patches had a touch of poopy butt. I took her a handful of shepherd's purse along with the other greens. She normally isn't fond of it, but she snatched it out of my hand and devoured it first. I know that happenstance is not proof, but I believe she knew what was needed. (Did the job too!)
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