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Another Worm Question For Shrek

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About 40 years ago I heard that coffee grounds make worms brittle. I'm going to start raising worms for my own and friends use for castings but am concerned that the worms would be too brittle for fishing. Can you give me any advice on this?

I know about the worm digest and have visited the forum but don't have enough time right now to swim through all the posts. Can you cast some light on this subject for me? TIA
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Bumpity bump because I'd really like an answer to this question. Am I saving my coffee grounds in vain? Can anyone tell me if they know this to be true? TIA
Worm fattener with calcium and lime fed during the last two or 3 weeks helps maintain viability. The recipe I use is

Non-medicated Chicken layer mash 50%, wheat or corn flour 10% , powdered milk 10%, bran 20%, agricultural lime 10%

The rest of the feeding consists of vegetable scraps, meat scraps, eggshells and coffee and tea grounds blended together.
Thanks Shrek,

You've given me some good information and I saved it. With your "Easy Worm Bin" link and this information I don't forsee any problems with getting my little worm farm going.

Thanks a bunch! :cool:
Make sure the layer chicken mash is non medicated so it doesnt throw the worms physiological balance off with the antibiotic additives.
i thought meat products was a no no? am i wrong?
Fatty and large quantities of meat are generally avoided, however I found adding a few ounces of lean meat to the slurry mix was not an odor problem and it seems to make a richer casting.
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