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Another Rooster question

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Okay, Poultry experts! I have a question about Roos. I have 7 sweet chicks, approximately 5 weeks old. They are a motley crew, a mixed lot from TSC. They were hopping from brooder to brooder when we bought them, so breed is a large question mark until they mature. However, I have a black one with a pronounced comb, which is a bright orange-red color. He has quite the tail compared to the others so I am 99.9% sure he is a roo. I also have a pretty red chicken with a comb, but it is yellow right now. My daughter insisted on naming it Benedict, thinking it was also a roo. I believe it may be a hen, but this is my first time owning chickens. I also have 2 brownish, maybe partridge chickens with combs that are turning orange-red. I am worried that we may have 2 more roos. I am going to get my hubby to take pics whenever it stops raining around here(it is flooding this week). But, based on this info, what is your opinion?
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at this age comb development could mean something or nothing, check the backs of these birds, if there are new pin feathers growing in that look darker pointed and shiny instead of rounded and more normal looking then they are roosters.
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