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Another Reptile Relocation

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I dislike killing rattlesnakes, especially timber rattlers... they're getting scarcer and scarcer. But no matter how scarce they are, they can't hang out around the house, as our goats haven't got a single ounce of caution around one. This afternoon, Birdiegirl (my HT SO) was walking up to the barn, to see if I wanted to take a swim break. I heard her half shout "snake".... then "big snake", "really big snake"... I dropped my work, and moseyed out to see what kind it was. Stopped and grabbed a haystring, picked up a stick, and while walking the 100' down to her and her entourage of 4 barking dogs, and 8 curious goats, made myself a snake stick. Turned out to be an old hawg of a timber rattler. This one was as large as the first one she got to help relocate. For that snake story, see

Todays snake....

I'm thinking it (Birdiegirl wanted to know if it was a she.......I offered to let her 'sex' it, if she wanted... she declined for some reason :rolleyes: ) was well fed, as it's midsection wasn't bulging, but solid thick, as my calf. Doubt I could have wrapped both hands around it's midsection.
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I can see the headlines dies from electrical shock trying to cure snakebite. :rolleyes:
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