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Another one of life's great ironies

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Almost no one remembers who Alois Alzheimer was.
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I remember him, he was.....

oh look! peanut butter! mmmm.
I remember him, he was.....

oh look! peanut butter! mmmm.
That's not peanut butter, it's
What's really worrisome is I know who Daniel Dementia is.....................
Okay, so I bit. I Googled Alois Alzheimer. Wondered if he had it or recognized it in patients? When did he live? Where did he live? Nothing came up except the disease.

So, who did recognize and name the disorder?
During the years in Munich Alzheimer described the disease that was to bear his name, but at this time also did microscopical investigations of other nervous diseases. He described, among other things, brain changes in arteriosclerosis and loss of nerve cells in dancing mania – Huntington's chorea – that Alzheimer found to most pronounced in the inner part of the cerebrum, in the corpus striatum. Alzheimer also studied brain changes in epilepsy; among other things he described a comprehensive loss of nerve cells in the hippocampus in a large part of epileptic patients, so-called ammon sclerosis. As early as in 1907, in a lecture, he suggested that the loss of nerve cells at first should not make up a part of the disease, which called the attacks, but instead might be caused by the attack itself. This has been corroborated by later investigations.
There's a whole bunch more at:
Yep, found him on Wikipedia. Thanks for the link.
Oggie! Thanks for the giggles! Got to wipe the tears away now... too funny!
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